Control a Minecraft world from Julia


PiCraft is a Julia package which utilizes the Minecraft: Pi edition programming API to control the Minecraft World. The package can be used with Minecraft: Java Edition with the help of RaspberryJamMod & RaspberryJuice plugin.

With this package you will be able to :

  • Write scripts to teleport and walk over Water and Lava.
  • Construct multi-storey skyscrapers within seconds.
  • Draw fractals and shapes using a 3-D turtle.
  • Import and export .schematic models without external software.


This library requires a working installation of Minecraft on your machine. On the Raspberry Pi, this is the only required dependency. On a PC or Mac, the basic Minecraft install needs to be paired with an unofficial plugin that provides the programmatic API access.

Get Minecraft

  • The Minecraft: Pi edition is pre-installed on all Rasbian since September 2014. Launch it by navigating to Menu > Games or typing minecraft-pi in the terminal. However, if you are running an older version of Raspbian get it here.
  • Get the Minecraft: Java edition(MacOS, Linux and Windows) here.

Get RaspberryJuice or RaspberryJamMod (for Minecraft: Java edition)

Officially the ability to communicate with the Minecraft world is only available for the Minecraft: Pi edition. To get this to work on the Java edition we need to install a Mod.

  • "RaspberryJamMod" is a Forge Mod, if you wish to use this along with other Forge mods then this is recommended. Installation instructions are available here.
  • "RaspberryJuice" is a Bukkit server plugin, recommended if you wish to work on a Bukkit Minecraft server. Get it here.

There is a disagreement in the coordinates reported by Minecraft's debug mode and the getPos() command. Enter /setworldspawn 0 0 0 in the Minecraft console to remove this discrepancy.

Get Julia

Download the appropriate Julia version for your system from here.

Install the PiCraft packge