Events, Entities and Camera


There are two types of events: Hit events and Chat events

Hit Event

If you equip your player with a sword and right click to hit a block then that hit will be recorded and is effectively a 'HitEvent'. Use the pollBlockHits() function to get an array of all of these events. Each event is described by a tuple ((x, y, z), face, entityId). x, y and z are the coordinates of the block. face is the block's face number which was hit and entityId identifies the player who hit the block using a sword.

Check out the turntogold example to find out how it can be used.

Chat Event

We can find out all the chat messages posted in the session using the getChatEvents() function.

julia> getChatEvents()
2-element Array{Tuple{Int64,String},1}:
 (152, "Hello!")               
 (152, "Is anyone listening ?")


Each player is uniquely identified by an id called 'EntityId'. Execute getPlayerIds() to get an array of all Entities connected to this session.

julia> getPlayerIds()
1-element Array{Int64,1}:

You can also manipulate the position of any entity using the commands:

  1. getPos(entityId::Int)
  2. setPos(pos::Tuple{Real, Real, Real})
  3. getTile(entityId::Int)
  4. setTile(entityId::Int, pos::Tuple{Real, Real, Real})


Camera commands are only available on the Pi. Here are all the available camera commands.

  1. setNormal(entityId::Int)
  2. setFixed()
  3. setFollow(entityId::Int)
  4. setPos(pos::Tuple{Real, Real, Real})