Turn to Gold

Turn blocks to gold by hitting them

Demonstration of pollBlockHits() the function pollBlockHits() returns an Array of hit Events A hit event is a tuple, say ((5, 4, 5), 2, 17) (5, 4, 5) are the coordinates to the block which was hit 2 is the face of the block which was hit 17 is the entityId of the Entity which was responsible for the hit

using Dates
using PiCraft

clearEvents() # Clear all previous events
t = now() # Mark the current time

post("60 seconds to turn blocks to gold.")

while (now() - t).value/1000 < 60.0 # Continue the loop if 60 seconds has not elapsed
    for hit in pollBlockHits()
        setBlock(hit[1], Block(41)) # hit[1] are the coordinates to the Block which was hit

Post a message to screen when done

post("Time Over!")

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